Foo Fighters Earn Their 6th Platinum Record

As the band gets ready for their upcoming album release ‘Concrete and Gold’, which comes out September 15th, the band just receive a platinum status from the previous work Foo Fighters Earn Six New Platinum Records for Prior Releases Via 08/31/2017 4:28 PM   Editorial credit: DFree /

Leonard Cohen Tribute Concert Gets Digital Release

The tribute concert for Leonard Cohen is getting a digital release as well a vinyl release. The concert took place in Brooklyn Music Hall in Williamsburg back in January months after Cohen’s death. Leonard Cohen Tribute Concert Gets Digital, Vinyl Release Via 08/31/2017 3:05 PM   Editorial credit: Route66 /

Lil Yachty Announces Lil Boat 2 LP

Everyone’s favorite red dread rapper has announced that Lil Boat 2 is on the way. Lil Yachty is also known for being loved by youth groups in the country.  Lil Yachty Announces “Lil Boat 2” Coming Soon Via 08/31/2017 10:43 AM   Editorial credit: Sterling Munksgard /

Drake Donates To Victims Of Hurricane Harvey

Drake has always been a fan of going to Houston Texas, so of course the Toronto rapper wants to make sure that he is helping who are a victim of the recent hurricane attack Drake Shares Heartfelt Pledge, Donates $200K To Help Hurricane Victims Via 08/31/2017 11:51 AM   Editorial credit: Twocoms /