SEO Gamification - Zap! Bang! Boom!

One of the challenges we hear from our clients is about "SEO."  Those questions usually start with specifics like:

How do we get more traffic?
How can we improve our search engine optimization?
We can't be found on searches for "[insert your dream search here], why not?
How do we capture a bigger share of local dollars?
Can you help us convert users into repeat users?
Our social accounts are not converting followers/likes into real results, why?

And the like.  All of these questions tie back to things which are blurring together in a very busy market place:

Social Media Management
Reputation Marketing

Those diciplines are REAL and need attention and dedication for success. We have expertise so your business will see results like this:



But in additon to what can be done for you, real success requires proper content and we know content creation against your goals is a dicipline which at times can be hard to stay on top of.  So we made it into a game.


Our new WordPress Plugin which presents in a "game" like manner how you and your team are working (scoring!) toward the goals you need to hit to succeed, via the SEO Scoreboard. If you and your team want to see post by post, player by player, who is hitting the SEO targets with the best aimed laser blasts, email us via

It's like Asteroids + Halo for your business.  But more fun becuase it helps your bottom line.  Email for a demo and you'll be eating results in no time, like this guy: